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Rahber Traders is the most diversified Distribution Network of the Group which serves from the ruggedness of Service Industries Limited (Motor Cycle Tyre and Tube) to the crunchiness and crispiness of Lays Potato Chipars (PepsiCo Inc.). Nourishing Nestle Juices and healthy Nestle MilkPak for the defined territory is also a major trade contributor. Tantalizing Shangrila (Pvt.) Ltd. and appetizing Young’s (Pvt.) Ltd. broadens the horizons. All the product assortments are carried in more than thirty vehicles from two warehouses to its destination without hassle due to its central location.

Rahber Traders is the sole distributor of Service Industries Limited (Motor Cycle Tyre & Tube) in Karachi. Its great performance has been to win the partnership ever since nine years despite that the market structure is geographically concentrated for tyre and tube. Rahber’s has been awarded as “Highest Growth in Metro Town Distributor” twice from Nestle Pakistan Limited.

Since a decade, Rahber Traders has gained competitive edge that serves to deliver health-friendly goods like Nestle Milk Pak, Nestle Fruita Vitals and Lays Potato Chips (PepsiCo Inc.). The fleet of vehicles utilized in transporting the Tetra Pak products controls the efficient flow of goods to the northern part of Karachi. The sales distribution team is hands on in carrying the fragile packing of Shangrila (Pvt.) Ltd., Young’s (Pvt.) Ltd. that retains products on its original quality for a longer period of time.

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